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Polework Clinic

Open: 11/5/2020
Close: 11/13/2020
Required Docs
Organizer: Jamie Carleton 2037109604

Join us for a fun day of pole work for a good cause! All proceeds of this clinic will go toward the cost of care for one of our horses who has been hospitalized due to a severe colic. All levels welcome from beginner (walk/trot) to advanced. Groups of no more than five riders. Each session is one hour, $50 per rider. Polework is beneficial for any horse and any rider in any discipline; it can help straightness, accuracy, rhythm, adjustability, etc.

Please note if you'd like to be placed in a group with specific riders and please leave us a sentence or two describing your experience level, current discipline, and what you're looking to work on so that we can form groups effectively.

Masks will be required for those not mounted and social distancing measures for auditors will be enforced. Auditors should bring their own chairs.

Release forms and negative Coggins within 12 months required for each participant.

Organizer Notes

1 Day Clinic Instructor: Jamie Carleton


Full Audit


Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: Schedule will be posted on Friday night both on the website,, and on the JC Eventing Facebook page.
  • Change Policy: Changes are not permitted.
  • Refund Policy: No refunds.
  • Entry Option(s) Secure Spot: Pay in full via STRIDER