XC schooling at Windchase

Windchase’s fabulous cross-country course is now open for schooling by appointment.

Come ride over our one-hundred acre XC course, with excellent turf and over 300 XC jumps. We have everything you need to school a horse, from Intro up through Intermediate/Advanced, in three different spacious schooling fields. More info and photos can be seen at http://www.teamwindchase.com/XC_Schooling.htm

Email Phyllis Dawson at Pwindchase73@gmail.com for more info and to schedule a schooling time, or phone 540/454-3834.
Sign up and pay through Strider!

Ride in a picturesque setting over rolling hills and open fields at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our course features a large water complex, banks, mounds, coffins, trakehners, ten different ditches, a picture frame and an Irish bank. There are lots of narrows, corners, portable fences, oxers and tables.

The cost is $50 per horse and rider combo. It is discounted to $45 for current Pony Club and 4-H members, or riders accompanied by a current ICP certified Instructor.
Trainers, bring 4 or more students and school your own horse for free.

Strict Social Distancing protocols must be followed. Participants will not be allowed to come into the barn at all. Please avoid all contact with Windchase staff and clients. Payment and release forms should ideally be done online through Strider before you come to school. Bring your own water. We can provide you a map and show you where to go, but please avoid touching anything unnecessary, or close contact.
See Organizer Notes for more Covid Precautions.

Sign up and pay through Strider, and contact me at Pwindchase73@gmail.com or 540/454-3834 at least 24 hours in advance to let us know what day and time you want to school, and to confirm footing is OK and the course is open.
Please note: We protect our excellent footing, so schooling will not be allowed when the ground is very wet. If you have signed up and paid but need to cancel for any reason, no problem, we can reschedule, and will refund schooling fees if the course is closed.

Add Ons:
Instruction available from the Windchase trainers if you arrange it with us in advance.
--Add on Private lesson with a Windchase Trainer for an additional $50.
--Add on Semi-Private lesson with a Windchase Trainer for an additional $40 per horse/rider.
--Add on Group lesson with a Windchase Trainer for an additional $35 per horse/rider.

Facility Rules
--Riders may NOT school alone; if you not with other riders you must bring a ground person.
--All riders must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet and body protector.
--Water is available on site.
--All riders must sign a Windchase release form. Minors must have form signed by parent or guardian.
--Please leave your dogs at home - we have a lot of them already!

Organizer Notes

Here is a review of our virus protocol:

• Please do not come to Windchase if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms, or have been exposed to anyone who
does. Please do not come to the farm if you have been traveling, or flown in the last 10 to 14 days, or been exposed to
crowds, or anyone who is sick.

• You all know the recommendations: Avoid crowds, restaurants, bars, etc. Be careful at the grocery store, sanitize
everything, wash hands constantly, don’t go out any more than necessary, and stay six feet away from everyone. Hopefully
you are all following this protocol all the time. If you are not, please avoid coming to the farm.

• Pleases sanitize hands thoroughly before getting out of your vehicle, and try not to touch anything you don’t have
to. Keep a social distance of least ten feet from Windchase staff and clients.

• Please avoid touching or handling the dogs and cats. I have been unable to teach them about social distancing, so
they cannot be trusted not to transmit germs to their owners.

• You will not be able to enter any of the barns or buildings at Windchase. Bring your own water, and anything else
you need. We would prefer you to not use the bathroom; better if you pee in your trailer! (If you have a bathroom
emergency where you must use the facility, please let us know so we can disinfect afterwards.)

• A release form for each rider must be signed and submitted online, through Strider. Payment must be made
online through the Strider website. We can supply a map if needed, and show you where to go and what portions of the
course are open, depending on footing.

• If the Covid situation worsens and we have to close the course, any unused fees that have been paid will be

• Thank you for your cooperation, and Stay Safe!




Other Levels
Beginner Novice

Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: Email pwindchase73@gmail.com or text 540-454-3834 to let us know what day and time you want to school, and to check ground conditions and course status.
  • Trailer Direction: The address for the clinic: 36502 Kidwell Road, Hillsboro (or Purcellville), VA 20132
    IMPORTANT: Enter "Windchase, Kidwell Road, Hillsboro, VA" in your Googlemaps GPS.
    If you put in the street address, the GPS will sometimes direct people to turn onto Piney Run Road instead of Kidwell. DO NOT DO THIS! Please be sure to turn off of 671, the Harpers Ferry Road, onto Kidwell Road. (Piney Run Lane is about a quarter mile north of Kidwell.)
    When you turn up Kidwell Road, we are the 4th drive on the right. The number is 36502, and it says Windchase on the mailbox and rock sign. At the house, bear left and go back past the lake to the stables. Please drive slowly and watch for speed bumps and dogs. Parking will be in the large paddock past the barn and the sand ring; people or signs will direct you.IMPORTANT: If you are coming from Leesburg or the East and traveling up Route 9, there is ongoing construction in Hillsboro, and Route 9 may be closed entirely in Hillsboro. To avoid this construction, if you are traveling from the East or thge Leesburg area, stay on Route 7 to Round Hill, and cut through on 719 north (Woodgrove Rd), then follow this to Route 9, where you will turn left – you will be west of Hillsboro, thereby missing the construction. From there, right at the light on 671 (Harpers Ferry Road), and left on Kidwell.

    ALTERNATIVELY, you can take Route 9 to Route 287, turn right at the light on 287 and take it to Brunswick, get on 340 West for a couple of miles, then left on 671 the Harpers Ferry Road, and right on Kidwell Road.
    If you are not familiar with these detours, Email me at pwindchase73@gmail.com and I can send you more detailed info and maps.
  • Change Policy: Changes are permitted up to 0 day(s) before registration closes.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are permitted up to 3 day(s) before activity begins.
  • Entry Option(s) Secure Spot: Pay in full via STRIDER Reserve Spot Via STRIDER, Mail Check