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Organizer: Michelle Hoedeman 2532736414

A Hunter Pace is an organized trail ride for all levels of riders through our beautiful hunt country where you ride on a team of 2, 3, 4 or 5 (friends, barn mates, neighbors, that guy or gal you want to impress). To make it more fun, the rides are timed. A hunt has three "flights" of riders, the First Flight follows on the heels of the huntsman and hounds and they jump and gallop at times, the Second Flight follows First Flight at a slower pace and on a hunter pace jumps are cantered although jumping is always optional, and the third flight called "Hilltoppers" goes at a walk and trot and is a great way to try out a green horse or just get a feel for what you will see if you ever want to try hunting (and we hope you do) or just want to get out in the open air and explore new trails with friends and have fun! 

There's a strategy part also, if you are out hunting, and you are going down a really rocky slope, all flights would probably walk; if it was really muddy you'd slow down, etc. The course is ridden by a member who figures out the optimum time for each flight and takes into consideration the terrain they are crossing, the safest speed for that terrain, the weather conditions and the level of riders in each flight. Riders are penalized for either riding too fast and beating the pace time, or too slow and taking longer than the pace time.  The group to come closest to the pace time wins the competition, whether over or under the "optimum" time.

There is no dress code, alll disciplines, western, endurance riders, dressage, eventers are welocme! And we love it when a team shows up color coordinated or wearing something distinctive, one year a team had t-shirts that said "Bridle Trails Babes" on the back, one had tie-dye t-shirts, it's for fun, and you can pick a descriptive team-name as well. Wear and use whatever you and your horse are most comfortable with.

The course is approximately four to five miles long through our beautiful hunt country, you'll be crossing native prairies and going through evergreen woods on a clearly marked course, with orange flags to your right. All jumps have go-arounds or split with the jumping portion clearly marked so you will not have to jump unless you want to. First flight is first on course, followed by second flight and then hilltoppers, and the last team will go out at 3:30  pm. 

Question: I'd like to try it but I don't have a teammate? Email back, we usually have single riders looking for teammates in each flight, and we should be able to find a team for you! Don't let not having a partner stop you from entering!

Question: What does it cost? Adult riders are $40. and juniors are $25.  If time allows, you can ride on two teams or on a different horse, only one time counts for a medal. This is the first Hunter Pace in a series WHC will be hosting this year, championship prizes for the series will be awarded at our Hunter Trials in October. Each flight's winners on Saturday will receive medals and ribbons are to third place.  Come join us and have a wonderful day riding with friends!

Organizer Notes

All riders will need to have a valid iSportsman account prior to participating. This can take a few days, so plan ahead. You will need to have your iSportsman pass on your person while riding and a vehicle pass will need to be placed on your dashboard.

The iSportsman process has two steps to complete, first you must log into the site and create an account. You will need your vehicle license plate number and your drivers license as proof of ID. The link to create your account is :

Once this is completed, there's a second step, you will need to email a photo of your current driver's license to the email below:

Once iSportsman has verified your ID, you log back into your account and click on the tab “Permit’s Available” and this now will be populated with the available permits. You will have a couple of options.
#1 --$40 WA Resident annual permit which gives you access to any JBLM training area when it is open. This is best if you plan to come additional WHC events. We plan to have 2 or 3 more hunter paces and a Hunter Trials show in the field in the fall.
#2 --$10 WHC day permit. If you choose this option, WAIT until NEXT WEEK to purchase it as it is only good for the upcoming Saturday. If you purchase it this week, it will expire before the May 25 hunter pace.

Your paper permit will need to be printed and visible in your vehicle or carry it with you. JBLM currently does not have an app to do this. PLEASE read through the entire website (it's not long) as it has lots of useful information and is a good refresher on some rules and regulations that JBLM has for recreation on the Base!

The above links can also be found at

First Flight - Adult


First Flight - Junior (17 and under)


Second Flight - Adult


Second Flight - Junior (17 and under)


Hilltopper - Adult


Hilltopper - Junior (17 and under)


Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: Ride times will be posted on the website and sent to participants on Friday before the Pace
    First Flight will go out starting at 9am
    Second Flight will follow beginning at 10am or later
    Hilltoppers will not go out before 12 noon.
    The last rider will be sent out on course no later that 3:30 pm.
  • Trailer Direction: From I-5 you will take exit 123 for Thorne Lane/Murray Road. Continue to through the roundabout to 150th Street. After you pass the stop sign on 150th Street/Woodbrook Drive, look for the trees painted white on the right side of the road. The address is 6206 150th Street SW, Lakewood, WA if you are using GPS, but be sure to pull all the way to Woodbrook Hunt Club, as GPS sometimes routes you to Woodbrook Stables, which is a different business and just two driveways before ours. Turn right into the WHC driveway. Follow the gravel driveway through and past the barns and kennels. There is ample parking out by the clubhouse.
  • Change Policy: Changes are permitted before registration closes.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are permitted before registration closes.
  • Entry Option(s) Secure Spot: Pay in full via STRIDER