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Organizer: Marsha Lewis 5127890490

MAY 3-4, 2024

Rally Officials:
Organizer: Marsha Lewis contact at cell phone: 512-789-0490 or email:
Chief Horse Management Judge (CHMJ): Catie Itschner
Dressage Judge*: Ashley Shaw, USDF L graduate (*Lead judge)
Dressage Judge: TBD
Technical Delegate: TBD

Closing Date: April 15, 2024
A complete entry includes uploaded Coggins and updated EHV/EIV vaccination between November 3, 2023
and April 19, 2024 documented by veterinarian receipt or USEF Vaccination Form for Influenza and Herpes.

Who may qualify for the Dressage and Western Dressage National Championships?
Standard: C1 or higher, 12 years or older. Riders must perform Test 2, Test 3 (with a minimum qualifying
score of 60%), and a Freestyle at training level or above. WDAA (Test 3, Test 4 (min. 60%))
Modified: D2 or higher, 10 years or older. Riders must perform Test 1, Test 2 (with a minimum qualifying
score of 55%) at Training level or above. WDAA (Test 2, Test 3 (min. 55%))
Stable Manager (SM): Must meet minimum age and certification to enter National Championships as SM.

What if I do not want to qualify for National Championships?
During Kentucky qualifying years, Qualifying riders will have priority. In the past, we have had 2- 6 Rio
Grande Regional members participate in USPC Kentucky National Championships. We have capacity at this
venue for up to 26-30 riders, depending on tack stall accommodations. If we have enough interest, the nonqualifying teams may have modified or shared tack stalls to accommodate as many participants as possible. Non-qualifying rides will be performed from the Introductory level and up in a small arena (20m x 40m).

What is the Apprentice program?
This is a very limited program. All rally participants must be able to SAFELY manage their horse with minimal assistance. Kids who are between the One-horse division, have their horse or pony, and are not quite ready to rally on their own but CAN RIDE up to two dressage tests on their own horse are a fit for the Apprentice program. These kids will be mentored and guided by an older team that is capable of taking the responsibility of a young member. Since we have limited senior teams, the Apprentice program will be limited to 2-4 kids. We will have a waitlist.

What is the One-horse division?
The one-horse division will be available. For safety, his popular program will have a limit to the number of participants. A waitlist will be maintained. The one-horse division is intended as a "Rally Readiness" with an introduction to the dressage rally format. Participants will participate in inspections with a shared pony they will groom. There is no riding in this division.

Governing rules and references of this rally:
2024 USPC Handbook and Rules for Dressage Competition with addendums and letters
2024 USPC Horse Management Handbook & Rules for Competitions
USPC Code of conduct for Adults and Members
USDF 2023 Introductory Dressage Tests and WDAA Introductory Tests (Non-qualifying)
2023 USEF Dressage Tests Training through Fourth and Freestyle
WDAA 2022 Dressage Tests Basic through Level 5 and Freestyle

Qualifying riders will perform in a standard dressage arena (20m x 60m). All teams must send *at minimum* two volunteers per team. (i.e. two volunteers per 3-4 participants).

This platform will be used to collect entry fees. A GOOGLE DOCUMENT will be sent to you after you register to collect your Volunteer name and contact information as well as your competition level, t-shirt size, food allergies, coggin document, vaccination documents, extra shavings requests, stabling dates, and any special requests you may have.


Organizer Notes

Please note that $50 is non-refundable after the closing date. If you have a written and signed note from a Veterinarian or Doctor, the remainder of the payment will be refunded.

Our stabling options include 12 by 12 matted stalls with one bag of shavings. If you need additional shavings, they are available for purchase at $10 per bag. Also, one night/day of stabling is included with the entry fee. If you require a second night/day, stabling will cost $35.

We are hosting the Standards and Certification Clinic with National Examiner Debra Sue Waters on Sunday, May 5th, 2024 at Rolling Ridge Stables. The clinic is open to all levels of riders and horses, and we will require demonstration riders. If you are interested in becoming a demonstration rider, please contact our organizer, Marsha Lewis. Please note that this clinic is mandatory for all DCs, and potential examiners, and strongly suggested for parents and pony club members interested in understanding the expectations of riding skills required for each certification (C2 and below).

Standard Championship Qualifying (Training through Fourth level, Test 2, 3, Freestyle)


Modified Championship Qualifying (Training through Fourth level Test 1, 2)


Standard WESTERN Championship Qualifying (Basic and up, Test 3, 4, Freestyle)


Modified WESTERN Championship (Basic and up Test 1, 2)


Apprentice Program (limited) Introductory level, non-qualifying


Non-Qualifying WESTERN or ENGLISH (Intro-Training level, two tests)


Stabe Manager


One-horse Rally (limited)




  • Late Fee$10.00
  • Refund fee$50.00

Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: Ride times will be emailed and posted on Rio Grande Regional Facebook page the Tuesday before the competition.
  • Change Policy: Changes are permitted before registration closes.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are permitted before registration closes.
  • Entry Option(s) Secure Spot: Pay in full via STRIDER