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USEA Area 2 Annual Awards Luncheon and Seminars

Organizer: USEA Area 2 Program Coordinators Chris Donovan and Donna Bottner 703-261-3377

The Annual Awards Ceremony will be held in Virginia this year at Randolph-Macon College. In addition to the 100 awards and hot lunch, we will have some great Symposium discussions. The Young and Adult Rider Program will also have new year planning sessions. Visit with various CTAs and college programs who will have "expo style" space to promote their eventing activities.

Silent Auction is happening now!
We are still accepting items for the auction.

Symposium, Lunch, and Awards - Birdsong Hall – 106 E. Patrick Street Ashland VA 23005
R-M College Equestrian Center Tour - Coventry Farms 12214 Ashcake Rd Ashland VA 23005

Directions and Accommodations Link:
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Informal Friday night socials are being organized by the programs.

Organizer Notes

9:00 Randolph-Macon Equestrian Center Tour / Leslie Lamb Talk
10:00 Woodside Equine Lectures (10-15 minute break between speakers for bio break and bidding!)
12:00 Lunch
12:45ish 2:00 Auction close and Awards
2:00 YR and Adult Rider Program Breakout sessions
We have the room all day - so no need to rush out - socialize and strategize your 2024 eventing season!

Informal young rider social on Friday night in Ashland.

Changes are permitted to your registration. Any fees associated with processing your payment will not be refunded.

Vendors: The Area Combined Training Associations and Colleges will have information to share regarding their programs "expo style" around the conference room. If you want to have a vendor area (table is free! contact Chris Donovan So far we have R-MC, UVA, VT, MCTA, and CDCTA. There is room for more to promote their programs for free!

Silent Auction:
The silent Auction is open now on-line. There will also be QR Code bid sheets out. Physical items can be claimed at the end of the Luncheon.

Details on Speakers:
R-MC Equestrian Center Tour - Located less than 10 minutes west of campus, the facility features an indoor arena, two outdoor arenas, and 75 acres of lush pasture. Students, and YR Program Members, Randolph-Macon Eventing Officiers, Lucy and Julia, would like to host a 9 AM barn tour and open house at the Randolph-Macon Equestrian Center prior to their departure to Aiken. Meet coach, Craig Barr, will be present to facilitate and learn about R-MC’s IHSA and Eventing teams. The Equestrian Center is located less than 10 minutes west of campus, the facility features an indoor arena, two outdoor arenas, and 75 acres of lush pasture. They would love the opportunity to share information about Randolph-Macon Eventing with prospective students and riders during our barn tour and open house. We will give young riders a chance to learn more about our program and intercollegiate eventing, while answering any questions they may have about balancing eventing with college life.

Dr. Catherine Côté graduated in 2006 from Montreal University. Following graduation, she started her solo equine only practice in Quebec and served that community for 15 years before moving with her husband to the Ashland, Virginia area in 2021 and joining the Woodside team. Her main interest is preventive care with a special interest in reproduction. Dr. Côté has owned a horse since the age of 11. She started trail riding and then went on to eventing for a few years. She has been in the hunter ring for the last ten years and is a member of the Ordre des Médecins Vétérinaires du Québec (OMVQ) and the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).

Dr. Scott Anderson graduated in the inaugural class (1984) of the Virginia/Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. He attended the Eastern School of Farriery and was a practicing farrier prior to becoming a veterinarian. He initially worked in a practice in Pennsylvania attending to farm animals, dogs and cats but after a year narrowed his scope of practice to horses as an intern in Raleigh, NC. A New England native and a resident of the Richmond area for more than 30 years, Dr. Anderson joined Woodside Equine Clinic as an associate and then purchased the practice from Dr. Milton Kingsbury in 1989. With a focus in Sports Medicine and Lameness, he was one of the first veterinarians in the United States to become certified in equine acupuncture by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS). He is also certified in veterinary chiropractic medicine through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA). Today, in his practice, he excels at examining horses in search of areas of discomfort, diagnosing and treating problems and developing a plan to achieve peak performance. Dr. Anderson lives on a horse farm with his wife Laura and daughter Arianna. They have an ever changing number of animals usually totaling well over forty between their horses, dogs and cats. Dr. Anderson is an avid mountain and road biker and also enjoys skiing.

Leslie Lamb CCI4* Eventer and Trainer. Leslie's life has been full of self made horses. From the pinto pony Sunrise she first evented at age 8, to the mare Cecelia, with whom she competed all the way up to the world stage, Leslie has always made her horses from the lowest levels up. Her particular talent is taking an average horse and, through proper and inspired training, creating a winning athlete. She has a penchant for the thoroughbred, and is noted for making great matches between horse and rider. In addition, her passion is that process defined by the word "Upskill": a verb meaning "to teach additional skills". She works with all levels of rider, with or without showing ambitions, where there is interest in growing as a rider and developing as a team. She helps each horse and rider combination to get better at what they do. She is precise, patient, persistent, and quietly confident. Her students report a fun, prepared and confident atmosphere at shows with Leslie coaching, reminding them to "do what you do at home and get your horse to respond." Clients report "People that don't know her have no idea how amazing she is! Nothing flashy, salesy or gimmicky; she's just GOOD. In a space where there are so many difficult people, she is a breath of fresh air." In addition, no competition, pressure or trend comes before the wellbeing of her horses. Leslie has a few horses doing well in training and brought her current upper level horse, Banjo, from a 3 year old OTTB in 2015 (for $300) to the Advanced level in 2023 and garnered two qualifying scores at the CCI4* by year's end.



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