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Destination Eventing Jumper Schooling Show Evenings

Open: 5/27/2019
Close: 7/16/2019

Join us at Destination Eventing for our yearly summer evening jumper shows! These fun, casual shows are a great opportunity to get your horse out for some midweek schooling.

Find all upcoming activities at Destination Farm available on Event Clinics here:

Shows start at 4pm with poles and work up to 3 ft 6.

In the event of questionable weather, please text Natalie at 410-615-3673.

June dates are Tuesday July 2nd and Tuesday July 16th.

This is a fun and informal show to practice courses over spooky show jumps in a low key environment. Classes are all speed rounds and are one class per level.

Poles and crossrails are in the indoor and 2ft and above are in our grass jump field. Warm up for both is in our outdoor ring. You may get a lead if needed, coaching from the sidelines is fine, and we can even lower a fence for you if your horse doesn't like it.

You may ride each level/class more than once if you want.

These shows are all about everything being a positive learning experience for both horse and rider!

Classes are $15 each round.

Class 1- poles
Class 2- crossrails ( up to 18 inches)
Class 3- 2 ft
Class 4- 2 ft 3
Class 5- 2 ft 6
Class 6- 2 ft 9
Class 7- 3ft
Class 8- 3 ft 3
Class 9- 3 ft 6

Organizer Notes

Rain dates are the next day from the scheduled dates ( Wednesday's). If weather is questionable, please call Natalie or Suz to check if the show is still on.

Show will be held in 80 x 200 outdoor arena with bluestone, sand, and rubber footing.

Show participants are welcome to use our wash stalls with hot and cold water

Situated on over 30 acres, Destination Farm has excellent facilities for training the event horse and rider. To see pictures of Destination Farm, please visit

Destination Eventing offers a select number of sale horses. Clinic riders/auditors are encouraged to contact Natalie Hollis in advance of clinic if any prospect posted is of interest:

Jumper Class



Jumper Class Levels

Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: Ride Times are flexible- as you check in you are given a number. Riders go in order or as they are ready.
  • Change Policy: Changes are permitted before registration closes.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are permitted before registration closes.
  • Entry Option(s) Reserve Spot Via STRIDER, Mail Check