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Ringside Rosè Tacky Sweater Schooling Show

Open: 11/10/2022
Close: 12/16/2022
Late entries allowed until 12/17/2022
Required Docs
Organizer: Brenna Smith

Welcome to the Ringside Rosè Horse Show series!

Available Classes:

1. Showmanship In – hand
2. Leadline (walk, trot)
3. Pleasure on the Flat (Walk, Trot)
4. Pleasure “Go as you Please”
5. Equitation on the Flat (Walk, Trot)
6. Equitation on the Flat (WTC)
7. Equitation over Fences (2’)
8. Petite Poles Optimum Time (2’)
9. Petite Poles Jump Off (2’)
10.Fillies over Fences Optimum Time (2’3)
11. Fillies over Fences Jump Off (2’3)
12. Novice Optimum Time (2’6)
13. Novice Jump Off (2’6)
14. Gambler’s Choice
15. Chase-Me-Charlie
16. Tacky Sweater Under Saddle
17. Leadline Tacky Sweater

Class Descriptions:
• Showmanship in hand – judged on the handler’s ability to handle their horse on the ground through a series of maneuvers
• Pleasure on the flat – judged on how pleasurable the horse appears to ride
• Pleasure “go as you please” – Pick the gait that best demonstrates how pleasurable your horse is to ride
• Equitation classes – judged on rider position and form
• Jumper classes:
o Optimum time rounds – judged on horse and rider’s ability to finish their round as close to set optimum time as possible with as few faults as possible
o Jump off rounds – fastest, cleanest round wins!
• Gambler’s choice – each jump will be allotted a different point value, rider will have a set amount of time to obtain as many points as possible. Most points accrued, wins.
. Chase-Me-Charlie: Jump height will begin at 2ft and gradually increase. The horse & rider who can jump the highest fence height cleanly will win (special prize)
• Leadline tacky sweater – dress you and your horse in your best tacky sweater/Christmas themed costumes (get creative!)
• Tacky Sweater on the flat – open to all riders, dress you and your horse in your best tacky sweater/Christmas themed costumes (get creative!)
• Casual but NEAT attire (colors fine, boots & helmet required)
• Please make sure horses are familiar with costume before going into the ring for costume classes

Classes are $15.00/single class
Divisions are $25.00/ division (ex: jumper divisions)
Special: $100.00/pick any combination of 10 classes

*Special prizes for tacky sweater classes, Gambler's choice, and Chase-Me-Charlie winners
* For any classes with 6 or more entries, classes will be split
*Any entries added on DAY OF show will incur a $10 late fee, cash or venmo only

***Please indicate WHICH classes/divisions you are entering on your entry sheet****

Organizer Notes

Organizer's Choice #1


Organizer's Choice #2


Organizer's Choice #3


  • Late Fee$10.00

Administrative Information

  • Change Policy: Changes are not permitted.
  • Refund Policy: No refunds.
  • Entry Option(s) Secure Spot: Pay in full via STRIDER