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Robin Wyman Hunter Derby Clinic

Organizer: Sarah Harper 4432545926

Want to show in our Hunter Derby but feel a little unsure about everything derby? This is for you! Come ride in a clinic with Robin Wyman over our derby course - perfect prep for the derby itself the following weekend.

Groups of 3 or 4 riders.

Organizer Notes

There is no water near the competition area or trailer parking; please bring your own!

Dogs must be leashed.















Administrative Information

  • Trailer Direction: Trailer parking is off to the right soon after entering the driveway. Trailer parking is in the large, flat grass field on the left hand side of the gravel drive. Please do not drive down either the paved driveway to the barn or further down the gravel drive past the rings.
  • Change Policy: Changes are permitted before registration closes.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are permitted before registration closes.
  • Entry Option(s) Secure Spot: Pay in full via STRIDER