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MDA's Finals/Open Show

Organizer: Martha Turnbaugh 410-960-5832

Tests offered: USDF, USEF & FEI dressage tests; 2018 Eventing; Western Dressage.

All tests ridden in large arena.

Entry fees per test are $25.00, $5 for qualifier/finals class. There is a $16.00 non-member per show.
For qualifier tests, select other.

MDA members are eligible to utilize Work credits to discount one test per show and for our fantastic year-end awards. See website

Third rides shall be allowed on a first come, first served basis if the show schedule permits. Payment for third rides is due on SHOW DAY – do not include with regular entry fees.

NO REFUNDS after closing date unless a replacement ride is found from the waiting list or a Doctor or Vet note is provided to the Entry Secretary within 7 days of the show date.

When using a Work Credit to discount one test, select the discounted ride. The original work credit must be uploaded along with your registration and brought to the entry secretary the day of the show.

A current readable Coggins must be uploaded when registering or emailed to the organizer for your entry to be complete.

Photographs of all documents (Coggins/Work Credit) can be used for upload!

There is a $5.00 convenience fee when registering.
Limit 2 rides per horse/rider combination.

Organizer Notes

Please provide following information in the entry note section:
1) MDA membership number
2) Current coggins
3) Work Credits, if applicable

Attach above documents to your entry. You can take a photo of documents & then upload

Entries with all supporting documentation can be mailed to: 3527 Churchville Road Aberdeen MD 21001

Dressage Show


  • Member/Boarder Price: $15.00
  • Test #2 $25.00



  • Non-Member Fee$16.00


Dressage Show Tests
USDF 2019 Intro - Test A
USDF 2019 Intro - Test B
USDF 2019 Intro - Test C
USDF/ USEF 2019 Quadrille Freestyle (Intro - Grand Prix)
USDF/USEF 2019 Pas de Deux (Trng - Grand Prix)
USEF 2018 BN- Test A
USEF 2018 BN- Test B
USEF 2018 Novice- Test A
USEF 2018 Novice- Test B
USEF 2018 Training- Test A
USEF 2018 Training- Test B
USEF 2019 First Level - Test 1
USEF 2019 First Level - Test 2
USEF 2019 First Level - Test 3
USEF 2019 Fourth Level - Test 1
USEF 2019 Fourth Level - Test 3
USEF 2019 Second Level - Test 1
USEF 2019 Second Level - Test 2
USEF 2019 Third Level - Test 1
USEF 2019 Third Level - Test 2
USEF 2019 Third Level - Test 3
USEF 2019 Training- Test 1
USEF 2019 Training- Test 2
USEF 2019 Training- Test 3
USEF Western Dressage Intro Test 1
USEF Western Dressage Intro Test 2
USEF Western Dressage Intro Test 3
Other Tests
Any Western Dressage Test
Rider Choice

Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: Ride times will be posted on roughly the Wednesday prior to the show date.
  • Trailer Direction: Google Maps/MapQuest, etc. is readily available for our physical address: 608 N. Tollgate Road, Bel Air, MD 21014
  • Change Policy: Changes are not permitted.
  • Refund Policy: No refunds.
  • Entry Option(s) Secure Spot: Pay in full via STRIDER