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C-Line Stables & St Augustine Pony Club Winter Jumper Show Series

Open: 2/8/2021
Close: 3/3/2021
Required Docs

C-Line Stables is pleased to have St. Augustine Pony Club as the Jumper Show Series co-sponsor!

**Schooling available in outdoor ring**
*Enter ring 10 minutes before scheduled ride time*

A. Paid Schooling round: There will be a Paid Schooling class held prior to each division. This is for a rider who would like to school the jumps before competing in that division. The course will be the same as the Timed First Round. There will be no ribbons awarded or points acquired. This class is designed to give each horse/rider a chance to warm up. Cost is $10.00.
B. Timed First Round - one trip, the winners are decided by the faster times with no faults, followed by the fastest time with the fewest faults.
C. Timed Jump-Off - all those who are clear and within the time for the course will jump a second course to determine a winner
D. Gambler's Choice - Each jump has a point value. There is a set time to jump as many jumps as possible. The points for each jump jumped will be added to help determine a winner. In addition, there is a bonus jump (called Gambler's Choice jump) in the ring with the largest value. After allotted time, the rider may choose to jump the GC jump to add points to the score. If there is a refusal at the GC jump the points for the jump will be subtracted from the original score. The Gambler's Choice jump may not be jumped during the regular course, if jumped the rider is disqualified. Each jump is not allowed to be jumped in succession. Each jump is allowed to be jumped twice during the time on course.

February 6th (no rain date) 8am – 5pm
March 6th (no rain date) 8am – 5pm
March 27th (no rain date) 8am – 5pm

Price per class is $10 for (a) Schooling Class and all other classes (b,c,d) are $12 per class
Entries due by 5pm on Wednesday, 3/3/2021
*Each horse/rider combo may enter only one division *

Register at or email entry from to
Payment required by closing date to receive ride time. No post entries accepted

Times will be posted by Friday, 3/5/21 on Facebook: C-Line Stables @ and St Augustine PC @

Contact Stephanie Geiter for registration questions @ 717-940-8055 or and Carlotta Cline with facilities questions 302-545-2026 or
The C-Line Stables arena is open to the public for use. The fee is $10 per horse per hour. There is an added fee for use of lights. Trainers welcome. Call Carlotta Cline to reserve.
For more information on St. Augustine Pony Club check out the club website at

Rules and General Information
1. C-line Stables and St Augustine PC will not be responsible for any damage, injury or loss to person/s, horse/pony or property of exhibitor or Spectator incurred on or off the horse show ground.
2. The decision of the judge is final
3. All fence heights are approximate
4. The show committee reserves the right to divide, cancel, combine or change the order of the classes.
5. Informal attire allowed.
6. Points will be 10, 6, 4, 2, 1, ½. Six ribbons to be awarded in all classes. Champion & Reserve awarded in each division. End of series prizes with Champion and Reserve ribbons
7. End of series points will only count per horse & rider combination and will only count for the highest height entered. Awarded at the last horse show.
8. Heeled shoes and helmet required.
9. Fence heights are approximate.
10. There will be a 2 minute call at the gate
11. Schooling permitted in the outdoor ring, weather permitting. Show will be held in the indoor ring. For those not familiar with our ring, there is a nice sized waiting area for you and your horse/s
12. No draw reins, chambons, degouges or neck stretchers allowed in the show ring
13. Negative Coggins required.
14. Please leave the area around your horse trailer clean
15. Current COVID regulations and social distancing required. Masks required at all times.
16. In accordance with COVID restrictions, each rider may have 1 trainer & 1 adult in attendance
17. Refunds issued prior to closing date less $10 admin fee. No refunds after closing date or for missed classes.

Organizer Notes

By completing this registration, you are in agreement with the following:
C-Line is the host sponsor with St Augustine Pony Club as the organizing co-sponsor.
Please contact Stephanie Geiter with any questions regarding registration. Please contact C-Line Stables with any questions related to the venue and location.

PAYMENT can be made via Venmo to or via PayPal as FRIEND/FAMILY.

The owner and/or exhibitor and his/her representatives, including the agent and/or trainer signing the entry form below, do hereby agree to hold C-Line Stables and St Augustine Pony Club, The horse show, it’s officials, officers, directors, agents and employees harmless from and against any and all damage or loss that may occur to the horses exhibited or to any vehicle or property sent with such horse and agree not to make any claim therefore against any of them, whether directly or indirectly. Each signatory for himself/herself and all persons who might claim through them or are in any way connected with them does further agree to indemnify and hold directors, agents and employees
from and against any and all claims, loss, liability, damages, costs or expenses, including counsel fees and expenses occasioned by claims or actions for property damage and/or personal injury, including death resulting therefore, arising out of or in any way connected with C-Line Stables and St Augustine Pony Club, whether caused by the act or failure to act, whether willful or negligent, of themselves or anyone in their employ or subject to their control, or caused by any horse, vehicle or other article exhibited by them, or whether caused by negligence, gross negligence or willful act of any other person, horse, rider or animal which is present at the show, whether as an exhibitor, spectator or otherwise, or whether the result of any cause, including the actual or alleged negligence of the horse show, its officials, officers, directors, agent s or employees. “ WARNING – Under Delaware Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to 10 Delaware Code Section 8140.”

Jumper Class


  • Warm Up Rounds $10.00
  • Class #2 $12.00
  • Class # 3 $12.00
  • Class # 4 $12.00
  • Refund fee$15.00


Jumper Class Levels
2'9" to 3'0"

Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: Ride Times will be posted on both C-Line Stables and St Augustine PC Facebook pages.
  • Trailer Direction: Enter at normal North entrance (sign), pull straight ahead and park on both sides of the road facing the South gate to exit after showing.
  • Change Policy: Changes are permitted before registration closes.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are permitted before registration closes.
  • Entry Option(s) Secure Spot: Pay in full via STRIDER